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tinker bell is always cute


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this is my favorite gif and i did not expect this

Omfg I love this




this is my favorite gif and i did not expect this

Omfg I love this


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What would you do if you were knocked out and woke up to the person you trusted most out to kill you? Well Choi Young-in decided to fight back!

After being ordered to deliver a package for his boss Young-in found himself unconscious near the freeway and everyone thinking him dead. Once he wakes up it becomes clear that not only is he being accused of stealing $5M from the company that he worked for that his boss step him up. So deciding not to trust anyone and taking matters into his own hands he comes up with a plan to clear his name   


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This movie starts with an elderly Kim Sun Yi needing to travel back to Korean and work out the selling of an old family home. Deciding to spend the night in the house Sun-yi began to remember what happened there when she was a young girl. 

Slowly it slips 47years into the past and you meet Chul-soo a wild boy Sun-yi and her mother found believing he is one of the 60,000 orphaned during the Korean War. Their meeting sparks drama, action, and a budding romance that leads to shocking and painful discoveries.

I really enjoyed it and found Chul-soo to be so adorable it was almost unbearable at times *sigh* to bad it’s only a movie T_T 

An Endless love….

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I was told once that the sun loved the moon so much he goes to sleep everyday for everyone to see her and it caused me to pause and think for awhile. To be apart of a love so profound that one party is willing to step aside and let you shine? What kind of fairy tale did this sprout from and where can I find it to enjoy its candy sweet pages? And if it is true that one is willing to let go of their ego to allow someone else to take the spotlight how come I have not yet witnessed this selfless giving? This deep and boundless act that lets the world know that in no shape or form will you stifle your love but, let all see what you have been blessed to call your own. A love so astronomical that even the stars bow at how much more beautiful it is compared to them. A love so vast that space and time are not large enough to contain it.

I think to be a witness to something as earth shattering as that would completely blow my mind but, to be APART of something like that, something that could shape worlds would very well leave me frozen in amazement.   


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BIGBANG for Tower of Saviors #2!

Oh this is just lovely XD

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If you have seen the American version then you have a clue on what this movie is about. An orphan receiving help financially from an anonymous benefactor and as she tries to find out who they are working hard to make her dream come true. However, do not think they are even remotely the same. I won’t go into much detail like I do with my other descriptions cause I don’t want to give anything major away but, I will tell you this it is something I would watch again and again. By myself….because well it hits me hard in the feels :-)

Cha Young-mi (the orphan) is a writer for a radio show and receives emails sent a year before she moved into her new place. The emails are from a young woman to herself telling of her love and how she was not able to express it. Thinking she should find the man the emails were about Cha Young-mi discovers a love story of her very own. 

The Night Time Writer

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My mind travels at the speed of light the moment one thought forms another takes flight. I lay awake for hours thinking of nothing and everything at once giving up on sleep deciding the internet is where I should be. However five minutes later I shut it down and begin to write anything and everything that pops into my head until the sun starts to show and I have not one but, twenty three stories started instead. Imaginations running amuck and my eyes are getting heavy and start to close so my writings become dreams and vice versa I suppose. Cause the moment I dream it another story is formed. 


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Teen Wolf GenderSwap!Stiles: Part 13/?

I think it’s safe to say that Jackson Whittemore is very picky on how he spends his hours working out. One, it has to be at a gym the next town over. Two, his playlist has to be anything with a sick bass drop. Three, anytime late in the afternoon is the best time to pump iron because usually the high school girls who practice ballet are just now arriving. They appreciate his glorious body and he definitely appreciates their stares. 

That’s until one day he’s surprised to see a girl doing some routine on the floor. She’s not completely graceful, probably isn’t a professional dancer either. 

Stiles stops midway, feeling someone standing near the doorway. He notices him watching and fuck everything. His life is seriously the worst. The unlucky Gods are probably having a field day with this. 

"Hi." Jackson smiles, leaning his elbow against the frame trying his best to show off his muscles. 

"Bye." Stiles replies, grabbing the rest of his stuff and getting the hell out of dodge.

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Whatever it takes to get what you need.
Ignore the alarms, Ignore the police.

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